On Saturday 25th April 2015, a massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal, South Asia. Leaving many homeless and major cities including the capital Kathmandu cut off by avalanches, the people of Nepal need our help more now than ever. Already over 3000 people have been confirmed dead and the figure is likely to rise significantly in the coming days. Even those whose homes are still standing are sleeping in the streets because they are terrified by regular aftershocks.
The HGF Youth Team are currently looking for your support! All funds raised will be supplied to DEC (The Disasters Emergency Committee) going straight to help those in need. DEC member agencies and their partners are working urgently to provide emergency shelter, food, clean water and blankets. Once immediate, life-saving needs are met they will work with individuals, families and communities to support them to rebuild their lives. You can help by making a donation now.
Currently the UK has shown great support and has provided around £15million in aid but this is still not enough, and together, we can do much more to support the people of Nepal.
At HGF our vision is that every individual feels cared for and supported; this is at the heart of our foundation. Our work at Hemraj Goyal Foundation is based on the belief that every human being should be free from suffering and have the basic necessities. You can donate directly through our just giving page. Please Donate to save lives today.