31st August 2011 and the 2 days following, the HGF Youth Team united to start beginning work on the ‘Playground Tidy Up’ project, spanning four playgrounds in the Queens Park area of Billericay, Essex. This involved a playground consultation with local residents, who also helped with the tidy up! The local Mayor Mo Larkin arrived and posed for a photoshoot with the residents, local contractors, the HGF Youth Team and the Trustees which appeared in the local papers.

The playgrounds were badly neglected having been forgotten about for a long time, the HGF Youth Team gathered together and weeded the playgrounds, tidied up the rubbish, painted benches and organised the swings and rides to be painted and repaired by local contractors in all four playgrounds. They also arranged for damaged walls and brickwork to be repaired and ‘wet pour’ soft flooring to be replaced! Well done HGF Youth Team and local residents for making Queens Park Playgrounds a safer place to play! The project took a year to complete and we have some fantastic images to share below.

You can see the before and after images above