The Hemraj Goyal Foundation proudly hosted inspirational guests at Foyles Bookstore, London, for the private film screening of India’s Daughter, last night.

Guests streamed in to Foyles’ auditorium at 7 o’clock and were greeted with a drinks reception and photographer. As guests took to their seats, we were welcomed by Anita and Avnish Goyal (HGF Trustee’s) who spoke about what positive influence the documentary has had on their lives and how this has reflected through HGF’s work. We were next introduced to the award-winning films’ Producer and Director, Leslee Udwin, who briefed some of the films underlying context and issues.

India’s Daughter is a short film-documentary, based on the true life events of 23-year-old medical student, Jyoti Singh. The story details Jyoti’s brutal rape and murder on a bus by 6 men in Delhi, India. With documentary style clips and interviews with the attackers and family friends of the murderers, as well as Jyoti’s brave family, the film sparked some controversy in the room, but an overlying collective conscience was shared by guests for the films passion and morale, highlighting gender inequality in society. Thus, guests were more than happy to hear next about steps to address this issue.

Post the film, a Q & A took place with Shami Chakrabarti, Leslee Udwin and an ambassador for PLAN UK. The films context supports the ideology of education being instilled at a young age to help break the norms of gender inequality and stereo-types in society. PLAN UK is supporting a Global Initiative of Equality Education. The mission of the project is to have a third compulsory strand of education over and above numeracy and literacy, to ensure HOLISTIC EDUCATION of the world’s children. Through this project PLAN aims to prevent the violations of girls and their human rights across our world. Please support us in any way you can to provide the resources to set up the Global Education Campaign, design a Global curriculum and achieve a sustainable and systemic change at last for a new generation of girls and boys.

The Hemraj Goyal Foundation are passionate about child education and were more than happy to pledge and donate £5,000.00 to PLAN UK to support the cause. The evening also raised hundreds of pounds, but more importantly, heightened the awareness for change.

Please visit to read more about the initiative.