The Hemraj Goyal Foundation attended a public charity day raising awareness regarding gender and culture equality in sports.

Legendary footballer, Sol Campbell was delighted to show his support for the young aspiring footballers by attending the event.

Sol delivered a speech about TUFF FC and his thoughts on education and culture in sports.

Campbell, who is also running for Mayor of London 2016 was accompanied by the Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party.

A Q&A took place with Sol Campbell, the Deputy Chairman, Anna Prioir and Dr Shamender Talwar (Founders and Trustees of TUFF) and Southall Football Club’s Chairman, Chana Gill.

Mr Gill said: “Unity is important within cultures, so far Unity of Faith has brought cultures together and we also hope to bring politicians together.

“We should not bring race culture or politics into any sports.”

TUFF works around youth anti poverty, sets up social cohesion projects to reduce ethnic isolation and improves educational disadvantages through their Project Unity programmes.

TUFF FC, is a football project to support youth from different religious and cultural backgrounds, most come from low income families.

TUFF train team members on a weekly basis to be better footballers whilst encouraging respect, discipline, and most importantly teamwork to create unity.

The project was launched in 2014 and  The Hemraj Goyal Foundation were delighted to pledge £2,000.00 to continue to support the fantastic work of TUFF.



Download: Sol’s Speech to see more of the Q&A.