Back in July, The HGF Leadership Team and HGF Corporate took part in the British 10k London run.

This marathon was a fantastic way for HGF to raise awareness about The Lily Foundation, a charity previously supported  by HGF.

An impressive £20,000.00 was raised and HGF’s Ashish Goyal has announced:
“We are that this money will  be supporting the Lily Foundation’s partnership with STOP, Delhi in its one of a kind enterprise.”

At HGF we are passionate about supporting girl’s rights and encouraging young women into education and employment. We admire the work of the Lily Foundation supporting young girls who are victims of terrible suffering and abuse and the charity’s work to help reintegrate these young women back into society.

More about the enterprise:
LILY and iPartner India have joined forces with STOP, Delhi to pilot a one of its kind enterprise, fully run and managed by survivors of trafficking. The women have identified food and textiles as the core areas of their expertise. We will facilitate the value chain for ideating the enterprise to production, quality benchmarking, market linkages, financial planning to profit sharing.

The girls of STOP Aashray home need your help.  Given the opportunity to study, to think, to speak up, and to work, the girls of Aashray can go on to lead fulfilled lives.  Many of them are healing from the trauma and violent abuse they have endured through continuous counseling, education, rehabilitation and life skills support provided by the courageous STOP team.  Having come so far, some of these young women are poised to take on responsibility for earning their livelihoods through employment and enterprise.

Read more about the Lily Foundation at

Imagery taken from STOP official website.