BINTI International is a UK based charity with a mission to provide menstrual dignity to all girls, all over the world.

HGF first became aware of BINTI in early 2018, when the charity delivered a pitch to HGF for support with their mission. The rest as they say is history, with BINTI matching the HGF vision for a world where children and women especially have a right to education, empowered rights, and a life free from fear and abuse.

Anita has since been made Patron for the menstrual dignity charity, pledging to support BINTI further through events, an increased media presence, and general charity support.

Through her new role as Patron, Anita supported BINTI at their fundraising fashion event at the end of June and looks forward to furthering HGF’s partnership with BINTI at our awareness raising Fashion Show in September. For more information on this upcoming fashion event, visit the Events page of our website.