As the summer arrived, so did our 2017 impact report. Featuring a brand-new design, some exciting stats and fantastic photos, our 2017 impact report is a compilation of everything HGF got involved in last year.

Some of the highlights of 2017 – and of the report’s subsequent write up – include trips abroad to see the projects at work on the ground, awards and recognition for HGF’s Director and Founding Trustee, and the spectacular HGF fundraising ball. An introductory review by the trustees provides insight not only into what HGF have been up to, but also why:

“many of our experiences are very humbling and moving, and it’s great that we have been able to give up some of our time to see first hand what our support is doing for these projects. This spurs us on to want to do more, to want to get other people involved, and to spread the world into new areas” – Trustee Review of 2017

The 2017 impact report is available now, and a copy can be posted to you on request. Simply get in touch via email to request your copy today.

The arrival of the reports came hand in hand with the introduction of our brand new HGF teddy bear, christened ‘Hemi’ by members of the Leadership Team.

Hemi will be available for purchase at future events hosted by HGF, with all proceeds going to Door Step Schools in Mumbai.

Door Step Schools is a school on wheels initiative led by Child Action, which brings schooling to the doorsteps of children who otherwise would not have access to any education. HGF has pledged to buy and fund a brand new bus for the project, providing increased access to children across Mumbai. By buying a “Hemi” or giving a donation, you are helping bring HGF one step closer to funding this bus and changing the lives of many children.