Over the last year, we have committed to next generation development through a number of different avenues.

It is our belief that the next generation should be equipped to outshine us in everything they do; what we do now is providing them with the foundations to do something even bigger.

In October 2018 we hosted the Young Leaders Workshop, where we welcomed over 100 guests, including 50 young people under the age of 16. The workshop, led by Avnish and Jermaine, gave children an opportunity to voice their own thoughts, fears and dreams. It was interesting to note that when given a small push, the young people in attendance were far more outgoing and willing to engage than their parents and guardians, despite the children mainly being dragged along to the workshop by their parents.

2018 was also the year we saw our first big fundraiser hosted by a member of the Leadership Team. Simran S took the lead on Beauty in Bloom, and drove the event from conception through to design and completion. Raising a fantastic £1996.00 for her four chosen charities, Simran’s event took a modern and young approach to fundraising by designing an event that young people would delight in attending. Combining her two passions – women’s empowerment and women’s beauty – Simran celebrated beauty alongside education and charity and engaged a whole new audience that HGF had never before reached out to.

Simran G took on her own personal journey of engagement in the summer of 2018 with a Medical Elective Aid trip to Bangladesh. Joining Selfless – a charity that aims to improve healthcare access for all – Simran had the opportunity to volunteer in a number of healthcare camps across Bangladesh and managed to raise £4,000 for the charity.

Both Simran’s joined Avnish and Anita on their 2018 India trip throughout December, visiting some of our partner charities and projects across different areas of India. An eye-opening experience, this trip introduced the young leaders to some new charities and we are delighted that Simran S and Simran G have committed to fundraising and raising awareness for one of these projects with an exclusive event in June 2019.

So far in 2019, Anita has delivered some key speeches and presentations to influential groups, as part of World CSR Day, International Women’s Day and more. These opportunities to influence new audiences have inspired Anita to take her next generation philanthropy to the next level, sharing stories of inspirational young people she has met across the world including Ruma Devi – a social warrior and President of an NGO that helps local artisan makers grow their businesses. Ruma is just 30 years old.

2019 has also seen the ongoing growth of BINTI International, spurred on by the BINTI rally which took place in March and April and span from Nepal to India and back to the UK. Commencing in Gurgaon, the rally travelled 350 miles by bus to Ranthambore; kickstarting a week of menstrual education that was delivered to over 1300 children in total.

BINTI’s education programme takes the form of interactive workshops, teaching young people about the biological, emotional, cultural and spiritual aspects of periods. Attendees had the chance not only to learn but to engage with BINTI trainers, and pose the questions they may be too frightened to voice in their wider community. We have been lucky enough to attend not only the training in question, but also the BINTI Train the Trainer sessions, where young people across the UK are taught the essentials that they need to provide menstrual training to young girls everywhere. By engaging young men and women in this training, we are enabling and raising awareness of menstrual dignity – helping to break the taboo and ultimately to smash shame!

Moving forward into the summer of 2019, we have some exciting plans to engage next generation philanthropists in our events and charity activity. With planning in talks for a gender equality conference, we hope to harness current issues and start even more vital conversations that need to be made public. Our ongoing work with the National FGM Centre is hitting new heights this year as we enter our third year of fundraising, and we are delighted that our donation to the Outward Bound Trust this year will be put towards enabling the students of Bower Park Academy to attend an Outward Bound course. 2019 is also the year we will launch the HGF-funded School on Wheels through Child Action’s Doorstep Schools, alongside a number of new charity ventures we have joined forces with including One Family, Sense International and more.

And of course, 2019 is the year that Anita Goyal will release her first book – Voices from Punjab. Watch this space for more news on the launch and exciting release of this collection of 13 incredible stories.

If you or anyone you know would like to donate towards one of our projects, or be involved in our work and events in 2019, we’d love to hear from you.