A day in the life of an HGF Volunteer

Divya Parikh has been a valuable member of the HGF team for a number of years, dedicating her time to volunteering at as many of our events and workshops as she can. Here’s her story with HGF.


I was on Facebook when a video of Simran Goyal sharing her vision board experience popped up. This inspired us to book a seminar, as we were immediately drawn into the idea that it was something our children could get involved in as well. After attending one seminar, we continued to attend the subsequent workshops that year. The more we learnt, the more we wanted to continue on this journey.

We were taken with Avnish and Anita from the first time we met them; drawn to what they were trying to achieve in sharing their knowledge so as to make a difference in the lives of others. Just being in their presence is an experience in itself.

Being able to help at the seminars is a huge honour for both Krish (my son) and I. Not only does it reinforce what we have previously learnt, but seeing individuals transform on the day is ever so rewarding. Since we were first introduced to HGF, I feel it has grown immensely. From a seminar perspective, the number of attendees has more than doubled, and the content gets better every time. Many of those who do attend are coming through referrals, which really shows the success of these events.

For me personally, HGF has helped me find my own passion and purpose. One of my skills has always been to help and coach others, and crewing at the seminars gives me a chance to use and develop this skill.

For Krish, just being there at these events is motivating him to be the best version of himself. He uses some of the things he has learnt as a reference point in challenging situations and has developed his strength in communicating with others.

– Divya Parikh