Introducing the work of Lily Against Human Trafficking

A child goes missing every 8 minutes in India*.

That’s up to 65,000 childen every year.

The Prerana project in Mumbai supports the children of prostitutes working on the streets with residential night care centres, giving them somewhere safe to sleep, eat and learn. Children living in the red-light district areas of Mumbai are deprived of their basic rights, and without the safe haven provided by Prerana, would be at serious risk of being inducted into the brothels themselves.


“Sunita was sold into the sex trade when she was a young widow, trying to look after her young son Jeet. Persuading Sunita to allow Jeet to join the Prerana shelter was a challenge as her trust had been completely shattered by her experience. She was lonely and desperate and had no way out of the industry she had been tricked into joining. She wanted her son to have a different life from the one she had been forced into; one where he wouldn’t be exploited and where his talents could be recognised.

Prerana provided Jeet with somewhere safe to spend each night while his mother worked, and helped support Sunita in paying the fees for Jeet to attend a private school, where his intellect could be nurtured. Sunita has also received the vital help she needs to get out of the sex industry and earn herself a job where she can properly support her child”.

– Lady Mohini Kent Noon, Founder of Lily Against Human Trafficking


Through our funding, HGF helps support 288 children through these residential night care centres in Mumbai.

The education support programme was established to enrol children in schools, deliver evening study classes at the night care shelter homes, and provide activities such as youth mentors and a summer camp.