Aures London was the venue of choice for SENSES on Tuesday 18th June 2019 – and what a place. Located inside the iconic Leake Street, home to the largest legal graffiti site in the UK, Aures London transported over 180 guests into an interactive showcase of our five key senses.

SENSES was dreamed up by Simran S and Simran G following their visit to the Sense International project in India, back in December 2018. Since then they have committed to using HGF and their connection with next generation philanthropy to continue to work with Sense International, and were especially delighted to present a cheque for £10,000 towards the charities education project in Kenya.

During the event, HGF donated £10,000 to the charity which will be directed to Sense International’s
“Inclusive Education for All” project based in Kenya. The project focuses on supporting children living with deafblindness, so that they can still receive the education they deserve – whether as part of a mainstream school, or in homeschooling.

Our donation will allow 100 children with complex disabilites to receive education. It will also go towards funding the training for 317 education professionals, including Learning Support Assistants, Special Needs Teachers, Quality Assurance Officers, and mainstream teachers. Alongside this, 400 parents and guardians will receive training in how best to support their child’s education. As our donation is so widespread across the different areas of the project, we are thrilled to be having an impact on all 100 children and 317 professionals, and can’t wait to find out more about the projects’ impact as it develops.