Shabbo is only nineteen years old and was born in a poor village in Bihar. Her parents had many children who they struggled to take care of. When she was fourteen, she ran away with a village boy who she had fell in love with. They first survived off stolen money, however once this ran out her husband told her she needed to work.

He took her to a hotel and locked her in a room, telling her she had to entertain men to make money for them both. This would continue every night, even after she had children. “Every time I tried to protest, he would beat me up badly and snatch my children from me”.

Shabbo then found Vatsalya’s training centre, where she was able to learn Kantha and tailoring as an alternative source of livelihood. Once she can get more work doing these, she will be in a better position to leave the sex trade as well as her abusive husband. The Vatsalya programme has allowed her to make empowered decisions for her future and her children