Day Two at The Khalsa Academy started with a bang as Jermaine Harris encourages around 400 year 7, 8 and 9 students to train their brain to be happy now.

After a car accident and nearly losing his leg, Jermaine decided he had to break free from his self-destructive lifestyle and end his excessive drinking, gambling, unhealthy relationships and struggle with debt. He transformed his life and decided to dedicate himself to helping others also make positive changes in their lives and daily habits.

He worked with the student at The Khalsa Academy by asking them to write out the sentence I am happy because………..

He went onto explain how when we practice reasons to be happy, we can train our brains to be happy in the now. The H.A.P.P.I.N.E.S.S Workshop Jermaine hosted helped the students to develop healthy behaviours and gives them practical tools to build confidence and resilience.

The workshop course covers eight areas for healthy and successful living: Health, Attitude,

Presence, Purpose, Inspiration, New Ideas, Exciting Future, Service and Success. The course

includes teaching on self-discipline, creativity, mindfulness and meditation, achieving at

school, goal setting and serving others. It draws on powerful, real examples from the

leader’s life to engage students, raise aspirations and help increase self-belief.

One of the students that attended the workshop, said that it was’ Absolutely amazing and changed my perspective of life.’ Another said ‘It was the best workshop I have ever attended and it has given me a positive feeling about myself.’