On Tuesday 20th April 2021 Hemraj Goyal Foundation (HGF) were invited to The Khalsa Academy Wolverhampton by the amazing principal Anita Notta. HFG hosted a three day Enrichment Experiences in Education with over 450 students and 70 teachers.

On day one we work with over 60 Sixth Form Students. The morning begun with the inspiring Harry Singha from the harrysinghafoundation hosting an innovative workshop to help the young adults ‘find their voice’.

This interactive session included Harry sharing his own very powerful story of overcoming childhood abuse. He then went onto explain how he uses his L.I.G.H.T. model, a practical step by step system taken from his award-winning book “WTF Is Going On – A Guide On Turning Our Worst Days Into Our Best Days” to help him! Finally, Harry had the students on their feet to practically explain his BWF model that they could use immediately to manage their emotional states.

One student spoke about the BWF saying, ‘I have had problems recently managing my emotions, especially when I am alone. Honestly all the techniques and everything I have learnt today I will be able to use in my day-to-day life! When I am panicking before a test, I will be able to now use these techniques!’

We continued into the afternoon with the incredible Leah Chowdhry, the first British Asian women to swim The English Channel. At only 28, Leah runs an award-winning business ‘Pop up, Party & Play’ and has raised £175,000 for charities single handily. Dedicating most of her life to helping children, she was named the Women of the Year and Most Inspirational Young Person 2019.

This was a great example for the students to use the techniques they had just learnt in their previous session and show them a real-life example of how they can achieve anything they want in life with the right mindset. Leah spoke about mental resilience and challenged the student’s limiting belief that were previously preventing them from achieving their true potential.

A student described the day as ‘truly inspiring!’