Case Studies

Aztec All Star Cricket Club

Azetec All Stars Cricket provides boys and girls from 5-8 years old with 8 weeks of non-stop fun.

Hemraj Goyal Foundation Enrichment Experiences in Education – Day Two

Day Two at The Khalsa Academy started with a bang as Jermaine Harris encourages around 400 year 7, 8 and 9 students to train their brain to be happy now.

Hemraj Goyal Foundation Enrichment Experiences in Education – Day One

On Tuesday 20th April 2021 Hemraj Goyal Foundation (HGF) were invited to The Khalsa Academy Wolverhampton by the amazing principal Anita Notta.

Boloh Helpline

Barnardo’s launches 'Boloh', the UK’s first helpline supporting vulnerable Black, Asian and minority ethnic children and families impacted by COVID-19.

Mother Miracle School

Usha was born into a brothel, where her mother was sent by her own family when she was younger.

Lily Against Human Trafficking

Usha was born into a brothel, where her mother was sent by her own family when she was younger.


Shabbo is only nineteen years old and was born in a poor village in Bihar. Her parents had many children who they struggled to take care of.

British Asian Trust

Rahul was only ten years old when his family made the decision to sell him into slavery for Rs 1,500.

A day in the life of an HGF Volunteer

A day in the life of an HGF Volunteer
Divya Parikh has been a valuable member of the HGF team for […]

A day in the life of an FGM Support Worker

Introducing the work of Barnardo’s and the National FGM Centre
In 2018-19, there were 4,120 newly recorded cases of FGM in […]

A day in the life of a Programme Manager

A day in the life of a Programme Manager
Jaipur is a world-leading centre for production of traditional handicrafts, jewellery and […]

A day inside the Prerana project

Introducing the work of Lily Against Human Trafficking
A child goes missing every 8 minutes in India*.

That’s up to 65,000 childen […]

A day in the life of a female entrepreneur

Introducing the work of the Cherie Blair Foundation
“What I sell is what I eat tomorrow”.

The Southern state of Oaxaca is […]

FGM Appeal and BINTI International

2018 partnership with the FGM Appeal and BINTI International

2018 has seen the partnership between the Hemraj Goyal Foundation, Barnardo’s and […]

Child Action’s Doorstep School Project

HGF pledges its support for Child Action’s Doorstep School project, with hopes for a new school on wheels.

In February 2018 […]

Charity ball

Hemraj Goyal Foundation’s charity ball raises £137,065.83 for Lily Against Human Trafficking

More than 300 guests attended the charity ball hosted […]

Apnalaya project updates

Earlier this year, HGF supported Child Action’s new partnership with Apnalaya who are continuing to work with the most under-served people in Mumbai. Here is an update of what the charity has been up to recently – Apnalaya newsletter!


Outward Bound Report


In 2014, The Hemraj Goyal Foundation donated £10,000 to The Outward Bound Trust and supported us in our mission to unlock the potential in young people through learning and adventure in the wild. Contemporary UK society poses significant challenges for young people. In particular, the periods of transition they experience can be difficult and stressful, and can leave them vulnerable to becoming disengaged with their learning and at risk of not achieving their potential

Click below to Read the Full Report.
Outward Bound Report for The Hemraj Goyal Foundation – Jun 15

Britain’s Lost Women Case Study

Helpline: 0800 5999247

We have received an update from Karma Nirvana, who have been supporting victims of honor crimes and forced marriages since 1993.

Since the donation in April 2014 Karma Nirvana required support for a part-time call handler, as we were missing an excess of 250 calls a month. The support from the foundation enabled us to recruit a part-time call handler to lessen the calls we were missing each month to around 150 per month. In September, we were then granted a grant by the Home Office that recognised the need of the helpline and additional call handlers, which now equips the helpline with 4 call handlers who are dealing with an excess of 500 calls per month..

Helpline Statistics 2014:

  • Received 8268 calls from victims, averaging 689 calls per month.
  • Top 5 calling areas: London, Birmingham, Leeds, Bradford and Derby.
  • 3897 calls from women, 465 calls from men & 112 calls from couples who faced issues of Honour Based Violence and Forced Marriages.
  • 388 calls involved victims with a learning difficulty or disability.
  • 392 cases from victims aged 17 and under.
  • 867 cases victims aged 18 to 24.
  • 156 victims are pregnant.
  • 40% of calls were from professionals.

Lily Foundation – Case Study

Recently, two members of the HGF Youth Team visited the Lily Foundation, India to see the fantastic work and support for the brave women and girls in re-habilitation centres. This inspiring trip was captured in video format by the team, find out more in The Youth Team Vlog Video.

Strong Bones – Case Study

The Children of Strongbones

One of our many charitable causes is The StrongBones Children’s Charitable Trust. The charity of which has been registered for 14 years, was set up to help alleviate the pain, suffering and financial burden of families who have children suffering from brittle bone disease, bone cancer, scoliosis, arthritis, and all other conditions of the bone.

We have received letters and gifts of thanks from the charity and the families they support, who have gave permission to share their updates with you.


Firstly, we received a thank-you card from the mother of brave Isabella. In addition to this, HGF was delighted with a beautifully decorated gift and we are truly touched at how appreciative and grateful Isabella is with her new wheel-chair adaptations. This will enable Isabella to fulfil her potential and greatly improve her quality of life.


Secondly, in our letters we was enclosed a photo of Bethan with her new white wheel-chair of which HGF contributed £800.00 towards. We received a thank-you letter directly from Bethan’s mother which informed us of the positive impact this has had for Bethan to be totally independent throughout daily life, at school and when spending time with friends. This will also aid Bethan when she continues her sixth form studies and through later life at University. We wish you good luck with the studies Bethan.


Lastly, is a photo of young Vinnie Knight, enjoying his light and sound projector. The Hemraj Goyal Foundation’s contribution purchased Vinnie a Rompa projector which produces a calming effect; enabling a stunning visual of aquatic sea-life floating around his bedroom walls.

You can make a real difference to these children’s lives and many more who suffer terrible bone conditions. By supporting StrongBones charity, you directly make an impact and can help to alleviate suffering! Donate today.

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