Your donations

Every charity that we fundraise for is extensively researched and visited by us when possible. We can therefore ensure that your donations make a real difference and are not absorbed by administration costs.

We welcome contributions in all forms to help us provide the resources, skills and support needed for our charitable causes and in doing so the benefit will be for victims, their children, families and communities at large. Whether through financial support, volunteering or in-kind donations, every contribution counts.

Ways to give

Just Giving

The easiest way to donate. You will have the option to make a one-off gift or set up a monthly donation. Monthly donations allow us to plan more effectively with the charities that we support. Don’t forget to tick the ‘Gift Aid It’ box if you are a UK tax payer. By doing this we will receive an extra 28p for every pound you give from HM Revenue and Customs.


If you would like to donate to HGF by text message please send a text message with one of the following codes (depending on amount you would like to donate) to this number 70070

To donate £1 text code: THGF11 £1

To donate £5 text code: THGF11 £5

To donate £10 text code: THGF11 £10

Payroll Giving

This is a simple, tax-efficient way of donating to HGF. Your donation is taken from your pay before tax is deducted – costing you less overall. For example, if you pledge to donate £20 per month to the HGF and are a basic rate tax payer, only £15.60 will come out of your monthly salary (£12 for higher rate tax payers)*. Once set up, HGF will again benefit from a regular donation. Visit for more information.

Leave a Legacy

By leaving a legacy in your will to HGF, you will help make a long-term difference to those we support. If you have already made a will but would still like to leave a legacy to HGF, you can do so by making a simple addition to your existing will, known as a codicil. Please contact your solicitor for advice on this. If you have not already made a will you may, firstly, need to see a solicitor. You will have to pay for these services, but can receive sound and impartial advice to enable you to achieve your wishes. offers a free online legal service to help you with some of the queries you may have.