Creating an Outstanding Intimate Relationship

“It’s a brilliant way to spend a Sunday; re-connecting and giving our relationship a new boost. We found a way to better the relationship we already have and that’s fantastic” – Manjit, 2018 Attendee

Your intimate relationship is often the hardest to maintain and improve over time, as life gets in the way and priorities shift – but it is perhaps the most important in ensuring you are successful across all areas of your life.

Come on this day-long programme, where Avnish and Anita will talk about their own personal experiences in finding each other and making their relationship the best it can possibly be as well as sharing the best research on taking your relationship to the next level.

This workshop is an immersive experience in which you will have the chance not only to listen to powerful shares and stories, but also to discover new ways of thinking. You will find yourself doing and saying things you may not have done in a long time, but which will inspire you to reignite the passion, energy and love in your relationship.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for couples who are committed to each other and to making their relationship the best it can be. It is for people who want to make the most out of their life and succeed in all areas. People who have attended this workshop, report that their communication and happiness levels increase which has led to more success both in their personal and their professional lives.

In 2018, our attendees ranged from a couple approaching their wedding day who wanted to ensure they had the smoothest possible entry into married life, and a couple who have been married for over 30 years. Both couples reported huge personal gains by the end of the day both individually and as a couple, proving this really is a day suitable for couples at any stage of their intimate relationship.

What will I have to do?

Couples will be given the opportunity to share as much or as little as they like during the workshop. This is a day for you as a couple, to explore your relationship and the areas which you could both improve on in order to create an outstanding intimate relationship in a fun and safe way.
This workshop will be held on Sunday 10th February 2019. So give yourselves and your relationship a pre-Valentine’s Day gift and have the best Valentine’s Day ever!

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