Goal Setting and Vision Board workshop

“I’ve just realised how much we want to achieve, but we hold back. Now I’ve put it down on a board and I’m going to make sure it happens” – Minal, 2018 Vision Board Attendee

Most people go through life day by day, not taking the time to realise their goals, dreams, and aspirations. One day they find themselves asking “Is this it?”

Join Avnish and Anita on 13th January, and dedicate one day to reflect not only on how your 2019 could be different to previous years, but how you can make those changes happen and realise your true potential.

What will the workshop involve?

Avnish and Anita will take you through the process of looking at your life and your dreams, hopes and goals, and how to align them to create the life you really want.

The second part of the session will give you the opportunity to work on creating your own vision board – a creative and interactive process which allows you to creatively visualise your hopes and goals on paper, with pictorial representations and key words that will continue to motivate and inspire you long after the day is over.

What will I learn during the course of the day?

By lunchtime, you will have a clear idea of exactly what your goals are and how you would like your life to look, whether it’s in your career, health, relationships, material possessions or other aspects of life. By realising and recognising your goals, you will begin to open up your mind and unlock opportunities you may have previously ignored. The vision board creation will allow you to put all of this down on paper, as a visual representation that you can make your goals become reality.

Why should I come to this workshop?

Over the last few years, these workshops have seen amazing results for attendees. Young people who came to us with educational goals have passed their 11+ and subsequently achieved coveted places in the tops schools. Others have gained great GCSE’s and A Levels and gone on to secure places at work class universities such as Durham and Cambridge. People have achieved the career promotions they set out to accomplish. Others have moved towards their health goals and changed their lifestyles by changing their diet and gaining the body shapes they desire. Some have come and realised they are playing small with their business and financial goals, and have gained the enthusiasm, passion and energy to take their business to the next level. Couples have often used the day to create joint vision boards and align their goals to strengthen their relationships as well as their independent visions.

The success stories from vision boarding are endless, and yours could be next. Come and find out what this phenomenon is really all about, by joining us on Sunday 13th January 2019.

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