Speaking with Confidence

“Every speech that you give is perfect, as only you knew what you were going to say” – Avnish Goyal

Public speaking is listed as humanities number one fear, even above death and loneliness.

2019 sees the revival of Avnish and Anita’s workshop in speaking with confidence – a one-day seminar on Sunday 3rd March 2019 which will help you to understand where this fear comes from and how you can overcome it.

What will the workshop involve?

This workshop is designed to help you understand the human fear of speaking in public, and how confidence will allow you to communicate in a way that will make your message both clearer and more compelling. Only by understanding a fear can we truly overcome it.

The workshop is an interactive experience, with plenty of opportunity throughout the day for you to speak up and practice your own speaking techniques – all with the guidance and support of Avnish and Anita.

Who is this workshop for?

Have you ever wanted to ask a question, but been too afraid to put your hand up?

Do you regularly give presentations but wish you could articulate your argument more effectively?

No matter what your current level of speaking, this workshop is designed to help. Avnish and Anita can help you to recognise where your own weaknesses lie, and develop these through a series of exercises and interactive learning techniques that will start to build on your confidence.

Whether you talk to one person or to many, you can see that this is public speaking – gain the confidence to increase the number of people that you consider as public speaking, until the number ceases to matter.

Only you know what you want to say. By speaking up at every opportunity you can, you are granting your audience the privilege of hearing your views, questions and thoughts. You never know who your words might influence, but this workshop will educate you in expressing yourself with confidence and pride.

Join us on Sunday 3rd March 2019 and break humanities biggest collective fear of speaking in public, in a fun and safe way.

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